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    19.00 1. Approbation de l'ordre du jour / Approval of the draft agenda

    19.05 2. Résultat de la réunion du comité exécutif du 16 octobre 2017 / Results of EXCO meeting of 16 October (CE 15)

    19.10 3. Plan de PARTENA pour la récompense et la motivation du personnel - Autres q

  • Primary/Nursery class funds in school year 2018/2019

    Please find below the policy on class funds as agreed between the School Director and our Parents' Association

  • EU citizenship directive

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    I am writing to you on behalf of the British colleagues working within our school. You will understand that a number of us are becoming concerned about Brexit and its potential negative impact on our ability to stay, live and work under the same conditions as we have enjoyed previously, post-Brexit.

  • Lancement de la campagne "Rejoignez les chercheurs d'air"

    Vous avez envie d'agir concrètement contre la pollution de l'air à Bruxelles? Ça tombe bien! Bruxsel’Air vient de lancer la campagne de science collaborative Les chercheurs d’air!

    L’idée est simple: vous installez un détecteur de particules fines chez vous, vous le connectez à une carte en ligne, et vous contribuez ainsi à visualiser en temps réel la qualité de l’air à Bruxelles.

  • Applying to Oxford and Cambridge

    Dear parents, dear applicants

    As the deadline for Oxbridge applications approaches, you may find this wrap up presentation useful. It was distributed by the British School of Brussels.

  • Visit to the temporary site - Discussion with the Secretary-General at our General Meeting on 28 January 2019

    Dear Parents,

    Following APEEE Presidents' meeting with Commissioner Oettinger on 10 January, parent and teacher representatives from all Brussels-based European schools were invited on Monday 21 January 2019 to visit the buildings at Rue du Commerce 96, which the host country plans to offer to the European schools on a temporary basis as from September 2020 up until August 2026.

  • Joint School - APEEE information session

    Joint School - APEEE information session on the Annual and Multi-annual School Plans, @canteen, Thursday 19 October 2017, 18.30

  • Springfest 18


  • How to contact the APEEE

    Dear Parents,

    All our previous numbers 02 6294700 - 10 are now used by the School services and any call to us will not reach the right person.

    The new communications methods and time will be in place as of December 1st 2017 

    A. By phone
    In order to provide an optimal service for each of the services of the APEEE, we inform you that all calls regarding general information or for specific information will be processed only during the following hous depending each service every working day of the school.