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EEB3 Clothing-orders until 11 March

The Pupils’ Committee have just released the new EEB3 Clothing project (the continuation of the EEB3 Hoodies from last year).

This year, we offer high-quality hoodies, t-shirts, jogging trousers as well as tote bags and gym bags in a variety of designs, colours and sizes.

The clothes are produced using organic cotton (which pollutes less than standard cotton) and the bags are produced using recycled cotton and recycled polyester.

25% of profits made from this project will be donated to an NGO here in Brussels, called CNCD 11.11.11. You can visit their website here:

Of course, the clothing is for everyone which includes students, teachers, staff members and parents. We will be holding sample sessions in the secondary, from the 4th - 8th of March, from 12:50pm to 13:45pm. These will take place in the B-atrium of secondary, allowing you to try out the hoodies, see the designs and colours in person and feel the high-quality fabrics.

The final clothing will all be ordered together, and is expected to be delivered by the first week of April. For secondary, students and staff will be asked to pick up their items in the Salle Cervantes. For primary, the organising team will go to each class and hand over the orders of the students directly to them.

To order, learn more about the products as well as see the size guide and colour previews, visit In case of questions, please directly contact

The last day you can order is the 11th of March!