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Important dates in March



Monday, 4

Inter-APEEEs exchanges on financial issues and on the draft Framework Agreements between Schools and the Parents' Associations


Tuesday, 5

Council of Europe Digital workshop (in EEB 3)


Tuesday, 5 - Wednesday, 6

Budgetary Committee (Office Secretary-General)

Thursday, 7

APEEE Executive Committee meeting


Springfest meeting

Tuesday, 12

APEEE Working Group on Secondary education



Joint inter-APEEE conference "Dans la peau des enfants à besoins spécifiques..." (in EEB2)                       

Thursday, 14

Brussels Monitoring Group on European Schools - Temporary site (Office Secretary-General)

Friday, 15

APEEE Working Group on extracurricular activities


Springfest Finance meeting

Tuesday, 19

APEEE Board meeting


Springfest meeting

Thursday, 21

Secondary Education Council meeting