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Introduction of online registration for the APEEE services

The continuously growing needs of our school have made us look for a better way of organizing the basic structures of all the services APEEE provides to children, parents and office staff and especially the enrolment process. Before launching it, the system was tested successfully by a number of users. Our intention is to address any problem, as appropriate.

The proposed solution is an internet based application (enrolment) which contains a number of smaller applications (transport, canteen, extracurricular activities) communicating with each other in order to update data and procedures instantly and make processes more organized, less time-consuming and minimize risk of losing data in the process by having high security standards at every level.

An introduction to the enrolment process for the school year 2017 - 2018 can be found HERE!

It is recalled that pursuant to the November 2014 General Assembly resolution, as of the next school year 2015-2016, parents who wish to enroll their children in any APEEE service are obliged to pay in advance the annual subscription fee to APEEE, which amounts to 45 euros.

To be able to assume its tasks and responsibilities, the Association is endowed since its start with a legal personality and is constituted as an AISBL (International non-profit association – Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif). You can check the terms and conditions by clicking HERE!

The Association has to dispose of sufficient financial means to carry out its multiple tasks of participation and management. Despite the fact that the members of the Administrative Board work on a voluntary basis for free (parallel to their professional and private lives), the Association requires an administrative structure to be able to fulfil its tasks. The APEEE currently employs 7 employees, more than a dozen of workers, about 40 ALE, the after school activities (périscolaire) «moniteurs», etc. This structure generates costs and your annual contributions are our principal financial income.

The amount of this contribution is discussed and voted at the General Assembly. At the last General Assembly in November 2014, a Resolution was adopted by which as of September 2015, parents should pay their annual subscription fee prior to the enrolment and use of any APEEE service.

The Administrative Board invites all parents of pupils to become members of the association and to pay the annual financial contribution. The contribution for the school year is fixed at 45 Euros per family. By the end of May, the parents receive an invitation to pay the subscription of the next school year. The subscription should be paid via our online payment system at or to the account number BE55 3101 9586 7944 (BBRU BE BB - ING belgique)  mentioning the name of the children to  "APEEE Bruxelles 3 Affaires Générale  Boulevard du  triomphe 135 - 1050 - Bruxelles". You need to send us an email and let us know In case you make a direct bank transfer to our bank account. 

The payment of the contribution confers to all school parents the right to be a full member of the APEEE, to use the APEEE services as well as to refer to the Association for any question related to the authorities.

It also gives the right to the elected class representatives to vote at the General Assembly.

We thank you for your support.