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TEDxYouth@EEB3 -21 February 2019

The second, officially licensed, TEDxYouth@EEB3 event will take place in our school on the 21st of February 2019. Last year's event was a great success and is proof of our school's and parents’ association’s pursuit of creating the best possible education and environment to its students.

This event provides an incredible experience for the many students organising it and hundreds attending it. The TEDxYouth@EEB3 is organised by some of the most motivated and hardest-working pupils in the whole school with the support of the school's administration together with the help, active involvement and financial support of the APEEE. It will be hosting speakers from a brilliant nuclear engineer to a student overcoming her fears.

The session will be web-streamed. You can find all information under

The TEDxYouth@EEB3 team